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Within 6 months, 20,000 cases of domestic violence were heard

Within the first six months of the application of the new Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence, over 20,000 of domestic violence were heard, over 7,000 emergency measures were ordered, and over 4,000 individual plans of protection of the victims of domestic violence were made, stated the State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Radomir Ilić at the conference “Effects of the application of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence and challenges in practice", which was organized by the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the UNDP, and pointed out that the Law is successfully applied in all of its components.

Ilić expressed his gratitude to the United Nations Development Programme (the UNDP) and to the British Council for their support in the application of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence, and particularly in the provision of training courses for the specialization of around 2,000 judges, prosecutors, and police officers at the Judicial Academy.

The leader of the "EU Support to Judicial Academy" project in the British Council, Juan Carlos da Silva underlined that the problem of domestic violence is the problem of the entire society and that this is the reason why the comprehensive approach to its resolving is required, and also pointed to the importance of training courses for prosecutors, judges, and police officers, which the British Council has supported.

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