Efficient work of Info-Services for Mediation in Courts

Author: Judicial Academy
Location: Ečka

The teams from the Judicial Academy and the EU for Serbia – Support to the High Court of Cassation Project organized a two-day workshop in Ečka for the representatives of mediation info-services from two dozen of courts from the territory of entire Serbia.

Efficient work of Info-Services for Mediation in Courts - Source: Judicial Academy
During the first day of the workshop, the representatives of info-services presented the results of their work and good practice, and on the second day lectures on the following topics were given:
  • Organizing the work of an Info-Service
  • Procedures and forms used in Info-Services
  • Internal and external coordination
  • Promotion of the Info-Services for mediation

The lecturers on this training were: Nebojša Đuričić, the Second Basic Court judge, Sanja Kostić, a High Court judge in Niš, Milica Zlatković, an Appellate Court Judge in Niš and Mirjana Golubović, Head of the Department for Specialized Knowledge and Skills at the Judicial Academy.