Safety and health at work

Page dedicated to the safety and health at work during the work on the reconstruction of the building of the Judicial Academy - Belgrade, June 2019

This website provides information, regulations and resources as part of an ongoing campaign supported by a wide range of activities to achieve safe working conditions and working environments

 Safety and health at work is the provision of such conditions at work, which, to the greatest possible extent, reduce injuries at work, occupational diseases and work-related diseases and which predominantly create the prerequisite for full physical, mental and social well-being of employees.

The Judicial Academy makes risk assessment and undertakes all the preventive measures for the purpose of prevention of onset of occupational diseases or impairment of health of employees, and also makes assessments of the protection of persons, assets and business operations and acts in line with such challenges.

The interest of the Judicial Academy is to reach the highest level of safety, to minimize undesired consequences, such as occupational diseases and work-related diseases, or to create the working conditions in which the employees would have the feeling of contentment while carrying out their professional tasks. For the attainment of such an objective, the systematic approach in preventive action is needed.

Workplace ergonomics