Public procurement in 2021

„A public procurement means acquiring goods and services or ceding the construction of public works by a state body, organization, institution or other legal entities which, in terms of the present Law shall be deemed contracting authorities, in the manner and under the conditions stipulated under this Law.“

The Public Procurement Law governs the public procurement planning, requirements, manner and public procurement procedures; it governs the centralization of public procurement; it governs public procurement in the areas of water management, energy, transport and postal services and the area of defence and security; it establishes the manner of recording data in public procurement; it determines tasks, manner of work and organizational forms of the Public Procurement Office and the Republic Commission for the Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures; it determines the manner of protecting the rights in public procurement procedures and in other cases in accordance with the Law; it also governs other issues of relevance for public procurements.

The Judicial Academy, as the government body, and in compliance with the Law on the Judicial Academy, must comply with the current Public Procurement Law, and the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Public Procurement Law, respectively.

Public procurement of low value