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ABOUT Academy

The Judicial Academy was founded as an institution that performs activities for the purpose of ensuring the exercise of rights established by the Law on the Judicial Academy, and of importance for the judicial system of the Republic of Serbia.

The main goal is to ensure professional, independent, impartial and efficient performance of judicial and prosecutorial functions and efficient performance of judicial and prosecutorial staff, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and international documents of both the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

The Law on the Judicial Academy further improves the established objective and measurable criteria for selection and promotion in the judiciary.

History of the Academy

In international documents, both of the United Nations and the Council of Europe, the close connection of initial and permanent training with the independence and efficiency of the entire judicial system is highlighted. Therefore, the Republic of Serbia, as a member of these organizations, assumed the obligations arising from those international documents.

The Judicial Center for Training and Professional Development was founded in 2002, and in 2010 it grew into, in many respects, a unique educational institution, confirmed by the passing of the Law on the Judicial Academy.

With the founding of the Judicial Academy, a clear institutional framework was created that regulates training in order to further develop a modern, efficient and impartial judiciary, but also establishes an important objective criterion for the selection and promotion of judges, public prosecutors and deputy public prosecutors.

Under its current name, the Judicial Academy, it works intensively on special training and continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills, not only for judges and prosecutors in Serbia, but also for a large part of other employees in the judiciary.

Basic values ​​in work Judicial academies






A vision

Independent, impartial, professional, efficient and responsible judiciary.



Creation of conditions for the development of expertise of holders of judicial functions through established clear, measurable and objective criteria for selection and promotion and their training and improvement, in accordance with the basic values ​​and principles on which the judicial system is based.


The goal

Development and implementation of training programs for holders of judicial functions and employees in the judiciary, in order to acquire new and improve acquired knowledge, special abilities and skills, as a contribution to strengthening the professional and responsible judicial system.



О нама


Independent, impartial, professional, efficient and accountable judiciary.


Create the prerequisites for the development of professionalism in holders of judiciary office by establishing clear, measurable and objective criteria for the election and career advancement and their training and professional development, in line with core values and principles the judiciary system is founded on.


Develop and conduct training programmes for holders of judiciary offices and other staff in the judiciary system, aimed at acquiring new knowledge and its promotion, development of special abilities and skills, to contribute to strengthening of professional and accountable judiciary system.


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