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Novi Sad, training on "Minors as perpetrators of criminal acts and minors injured by a criminal act"

Novi Sad
Judicial Academy

On June 29, 2024, the Judicial Academy, in cooperation with the Vojvodina Bar Association, organized training on the topic: "Minors as perpetrators of criminal acts and minors injured by criminal acts."

The training is intended for lawyers, and was held in the hall of the Vojvodina Bar Association in Novi Sad.

    The topics covered in this training were: 

  • Reasons for adopting the new Law on juvenile offenders and protection of juveniles in criminal proceedings
  • Substantive law in the Law on Juvenile Offenders and the Criminal Protection of Juveniles, the selection and imposition of criminal sanctions against minors
  • Procedural provisions from the Act on Juvenile Offenders and Criminal Protection of Minors and their Application in Practice
  • Certain problems in the application of the Law on juvenile offenders and the protection of juveniles in criminal proceedings
  • Cases from practice and material and procedural aspect
  • The European Convention on Human Rights with reference to the concept of "Justice tailored to the child"


    The lecturers at this training were: 

  • Milan Škulić, professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade and judge of the Constitutional Court;
  • Ivana Stevanović, director of the Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research and member of the Council for Children's Rights of the Government of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Nenad Vujić, director of the Judicial Academy.
Novi Sad, training on the topic "Minors as perpetrators of criminal acts and minors injured by a criminal act" - Source: Judicial Academy

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